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Chris Zaal
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Chris Zaal is one example of an individual who has created a company that reflects who he is. In the business world, it is commonly believed that a successful company is really a reflection of its founder, as well as what he has to offer. Additionally, it is believed that the company is going to stay successful at long as it sticks with the same direction that has been indicated all along by the founder.

Chris Zaal has been successful in business for more than three decades at multiple companies that he has been a part of or founded. Chris Zaal became a participating partner as a Penn Corp. Financial Corporation in Silver Spring in 1980, later opening up the Oklahoma office and driving it to the top of the company. Then, he was promoted to the position of regional manager. In two years, the office became the top office within the financial network for the company.

In 1992, Chris Zaal founded America’s Financial Network, Inc. This new company was a combination of two existing marketing groups; American Teacher Retirement Services, LLC and Atlantis Financial Group, Inc.

This may seem enough to constitute a lifetime of success for some people, but it did not stop here for Chris Zaal. In 2005, he founded Apple Custom Homes and played a major role in the general contracting duties and design when it came to many high-end custom homes. Several of these homes were built in the prestigious community of Kings Lake and then featured in the Parade of Homes in 2005. Chris Zaal then established CAZ Capital Partners, LLC in McKinney, Texas. This is a very important player in the consulting industry on a national level, having a predominant focus on funding, both commercial and personal.

The life of Chris Zaal has not been without obstacles. In 2013, he became ill. Chris Zaal was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, which is an immune system disorder. As a result of his experience with this illness, he decided to move his work into the medical world. In 2015, Chris Zaal started partnerships with many modalities in the medical field and established American Alliance Health Services. This organization was meant to assist in the education of patients and to provide them with opportunities for preventive testing. It provides many essential testing and treatment services that the majority of general practitioners are either not able to or do not offer in their own clinics.

In addition to his success in the business world, Chris Zaal has made quite a name for himself as a philanthropist as well. Chris Zaal has earned many titles for his community involvement, including the national leadership Award of the Republican Party. He also contributes to many charitable organizations, including the American Heart Association, Children’s Hospital, Alzheimer’s and Dementia foundation, and many others. He lives by the following motto: “Helping people is the essence of success.”


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Chris Zaal

Chris Zaal is the President / Founder of America’s Financial Network, Inc. It has been an accepted opinion, in the business world, that a successful.