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Chris Zaal
2 min readJun 30, 2021


Founder Christopher Anthony Zaal recently discussed the importance of American Alliance Health Services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for more health services and products than we’ve experienced in recent history. Christopher Zaal and his company American Alliance Health Services have stepped up to the task.

American Alliance Health Services was founded out of passion. The company came to fruition when founder Chris Zaal became ill in 2013. He was diagnosed with the immune system disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). This illness and his medical care inspired him to dive into the medical field.

Christopher Anthony Zaal founded American Alliance Health Services to provide preventative testing and educate patients on what they will experience with their treatments. American Alliance provides a variety of essential testing and treatment services that many other health organizations can not or do not offer in their clinics.

“American Alliance Health Services is designed to catch medical issues before the become major problems,” Chris Zaal said. “We perform quality testing and treat chronic health issues among our patients. Other services include pain management and preventative therapies.”

Zaal explained that the success of American Alliance Health Services is due to his understanding of illness and the medical testing and treatment processes. His goal was to create a company providing services that are more comfortable and successful for patients. The goal is to help all individuals lead healthier and happier lives.

American Alliance Health Services specializes in genetic testing, allergy testing, diagnostic testing, sleep studies, genomics, IV nutrition therapy, neural scans, hormone replacement, and numerous other services. The clinic, located on Medical Center Drive in McKinney, Texas, is open to the public and insurance is accepted.

“Another major service we provide is working alongside nursing and assisted living facilities to bring them technology they may not yet have but can be life-saving,” Christopher Anthony Zaal said. “We provide technology for remote patient monitoring, health risk assessments, lab services, and chronic care management.”

Chris Zaal is dedicated to helping others through all of his business ventures, and American Alliance Health Services is another way he’s doing so. The company is now offering services to help businesses get back to business more quickly through quick-and-easy COVID-19 testing. This testing is made easily available by American Alliance Health Services to improve the lives of individuals and communities as a whole.

Contact Christopher Anthony Zaal and the entire American Alliance Health Services team at or via phone at (888) 525–2877.

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