From Financial Services to Home Design, Chris Zaal Discusses Fundamental Business Strategies

Chris Zaal
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MCKINNEY, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 5, 2021 / Running your own business, big or small, takes a lot of work. Chris Zaal would know he has founded and managed several companies operating in a range of industries, including home design and construction, retirement services, finance, medical care, and more. Mr. Zaal believes that it’s important to understand the ins and outs of each individual industry. However, he also notes that there are some fundamental strategies that may pay off, no matter the sector you operate in.

“Each company is unique, each product is different, and each market has its quirks,” Chris Zaal argues. “That said, I have learned some lessons and strategies that pay off whether you’re operating in medicine, finance, construction, marketing, or whatever else. Get the fundamentals down, and you’ll establish a foundation for success. And that helps no matter your industry.”

So how do you go about building a foundation for success? Chris Zaal first recommends looking inwards and taking stock of yourself. It’s important to be honest and to admit weaknesses while uncovering strengths.

“No one is perfect,” Chris Zaal says, “and I certainly have my own flaws. Be honest with yourself, what are you not good at? Organization? Public speaking? Math? Flaws don’t need to be fatal. Once you know what you’re not good at, you can address your weaknesses. And you can focus on your strengths.”

Finding weaknesses isn’t enough, of course. You also have to address them. Chris Zaal offers some sage insights for doing so.

“Sometimes, you can use tools to address weaknesses,” Chris Zaal points out. “Say you forget deadlines. So, you set up a task manager program on your computer, and schedule it to send messages as deadlines approach. Likewise, organization is as much a habit as anything else, most people can learn to be organized.”

What’s more important, however, is building a team that addresses your weaknesses and plays into your strengths.

“One of the most important things about founding or managing a successful business is building a good team,” Chris Zaal suggests. “And it’s not just about finding intelligent, hardworking people. You have to find folks who compliment your skills, and who offer great chemistry.”

Chris Zaal Suggests This When Positioning Your Company in the Market

Companies have to compete for business. Often, entrepreneurs must face off against other talented entrepreneurs offering similar products and services. So how do you compete in a cutthroat market? Chris Zaal has some suggestions.

“It’s important to find a few attributes that make your company unique,” Chris Zaal says. “Price may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, I find that value is often a better way to think of it. You may not be the cheapest provider, but you offer the most bang for the buck, maximizing results while offering affordable prices. Customer service is another way to stand out. My enterprises are customer-focused, and that keeps them loyal.”

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